If you are planning a move out of the UK, either permanently or just for a holiday, and you want to take your pet with you probably already know something of how much is involved….

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Pets by Plane offer a full service for the import of your pet. This includes clearance of your pet through customs, management of all the required UK import regulatory paperwork and, if needed, the transfer of your pet to quarantine kennels….

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Our comprehensive frequently asked questions page should answer any concerns you may have about your pet’s safe transit to or from another country.

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Why choose Pets by Plane ?

Our job is to relocate your pets by air safely, efficiently and calmly. Pets by Plane’s staff have been looking after animals traveling internationally for more than 25 years.

We know that you want the very best for your pet and we provide it.

Our knowledge of suitable air routes and carriers, the multitude of regulations covering pet transport and the choice of air kennels mean that we can help you to a stress free move for your pet.

Your pet will receive the very best care with our specialist knowledge, caring staff and dedication to animal welfare.

Q What if I have to suddenly have to postpone my flight?
A We know that travel problems do arise, either because your own plans change or your pet his unable to travel at the original time.
Don’t worry, we can change the flight and get your pet back on track very quickly and, even better we can usually make last minute flight changes without making any additional charge, other than for a small admin fee to cover changed paperwork and permits.

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