Frequently asked questions

Q What if I have to suddenly postpone my flight?
A We know that travel problems do arise, either because your own plans change or your pet is unable to travel at the original time.
Don’t worry, we can change the flight and get your pet back on track very quickly and, even better we can usually make last minute flight changes without making any additional charge, other than for a small admin fee to cover changed paperwork and permits.

Q Where on the aircraft does my pet travel?
A Your pet will usually be travelling on a passenger aircraft and in the lower area compartment. In this area, the temperature is kept at between F 68° and 72° (C 20° – 22.2°) and the pressure is strictly controlled to give a comfortable journey for your pet.

Q Will my pet be safe and comfortable while flying?
A All pets have to travel in containers meeting the International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines. These are drawn up to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet and must give enough space for your cat or dog to stand up, lie down and turn around.
We can provide standard or custom made air kennels which meet the IATA guidelines and include absorbent bedding. We ensure that the container is secure and neither too big (which can make your pet feel insecure) or too small. We advise early delivery of your container so that your pet can get used to it well before the travel date.

Q Can our pet travel on the same flight as us?
A If you can let us know which flight/airline you are planning to use and the date you plan to travel, we can make every effort to book cargo space on the same flight. This does depend on the airline having space and, for some flights, the time of arrival at transit points along the way.

Q We already have a transit kennel, can we use it?
A Not all kennels will meet the IATA guidelines. To be certain, we would need to know the dimensions of the container and the weight and size of the animal. To read and download the IATA information on air kennels click here Read more
To go to our pet measuring page click here Read More

Q Can we fly out of our local airport?
A Although your pet cannot usually fly directly from your local airport to its new home (most of the international flights leave from the major airports) it can fly from your local airport to Heathrow and we can either arrange for an overnight stay close by or, if time allows, transit on to your desired location. Please contact us for more information.

Q Food and water?
A Your pet will not be fed during the flight and we advise that you only give them a light meal in the morning of travel if they are on a night flight. If they will be flying in the day, we advise that they should be fed the night before. It is also advised that they are exercised as near to the flight time as possible. Your pet’s air kennel will be fitted with a water container which will be filled with ice before they leave.

Q If I am on the same flight as my pet, can I visit it during the flight?
A Unfortunately, you will not be able to visit your pet during the flight as neither passengers or crew have access to the cargo holds in flight.

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