Pets by Plane offer a full import service for pets.

gordon-setterThis includes clearing your pet through customs and management of all the required paperwork. We are happy to work with your exporting pet travel company to ensure a safe and stress-free arrival.

If you are not able to pick up your pet yourself, we can arrange for collection at the airport and delivery to anywhere in the UK.

If your pet has to go into quarantine, we can arrange for collection at the airport and transfer to an appointed quarantine kennel, by a DEFRA approved carrier. We can also arrange to have your pet delivered anywhere in the UK after the quarantine period has expired.

We are fully familiar with the complete import process, including the Pet Travel Scheme which allows pets into the UK without quarantine.

Our objective is to consider the health and comfort of your pet at all times and to make the entire import process stress free and comfortable, both for you and for your pet.

Please ask us for a quote for your pet’s travel plans using our ‘get in touch’ form at the bottom of the page or just give us a call if you prefer on +44 (0) 1725 551 255

Brief UK regulations for the import of pets can be found on the UK’s Department for Food and Rural Affairs here

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